The structure of N@Video



The Quad is a set of cameras. There are different types of layout of the Quad 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 3x4, 5x4, 6x6, etc. isn’t necessary that all cameras attributed to a QUAD are displayed in the window. From the QUAD, the operator can simultaneously control all images main camera; access the list of cameras attributed to the Quad; or to the individual functions of the camera.










For each set of cameras (Quad), a graphical map represent the rooms with a symbol to indicate position and State. Each State is represented by a different color: If the camera works regularly will be green; red alert, and so on for the tampering, inaccessibility, motion recording. By clicking on the symbol, you access directly to live.



Allow fast access to different functions. In the event of an alarm, the Panel is automatically brought to the fore by reporting the event with the lighting of a lamp and an acoustic signal. By clicking, the indicator displays the list of all the cameras in alarm, or if it is in a single camera, alarm is displayed directly. QUAD MOTION to facilitate the control of operators, the system can be set to display only the rooms that recall scenes in motion. For example, to monitor a set of 20 rooms, we can use a six-display layout that, at any time, update with live images of moving rooms.