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One of our clients, which distributes beverages and snacks in the self service areas in various cities of Italy, has a constantly growing problem. In his distribution points, which are unattended, in addition to clients enter homeless and thugs who, instead of buying the products and get out, they sleep, sometimes they have encamped for long periods of time. Obviously it follows a strong degradation, insecurity of users and lost sales.

Unfortunately classic video surveillance services can’t manage the problem.

The proposal we have made to our customer is extremely innovative because, in addition to detect and notify the event, has an effective action of deterrence.

The camera, on which is installed the software NeXT, by means of its video analysis functions, detects the presence of a person. If the presence endures beyond a specified time limit, the video camera, through audio clips or light signals, invites the intruder to exit the self service and simultaneously alert the video surveillance service that will intervene if the warning is not heeded .



If the intruder tampers or obscure the video camera what happens?

Automatically activates a local audible alarm and alert the Supervisory Body. Same thing happens in the absence of the electrical power by sending messages to emergency personnel.


ADVANTAGES: Immediate event detection, deterrence, low cost video surveillance (intervention only during the event) and ease of installation and management.


The NeXT profiles allow you to expand the capabilities of adapting the system to the unique needs of the customer and the area of video surveillance making it a versatile and economical product.

In case of absence of an internet connection, with which NeXT sends alarm messages, you can add the device NetBox3G thanks to which you can transmit via a 3G wireless connection.