We accompany the client in all phases of definition, installation and setup of the system.
Our technicians are available already from the first phase of the purpose of contact:


Define your needs

We try to respond to your questions. A video surveillance system is not easy to define and ask the right questions is the first step needed to find the right solution for you.
What is your goal for video surveillance? Monitor what takes place in a Club? Recognize intruders? Recording in dim light or darkness? View live rooms at the entrance as deterrence? Alert the external surveillance society? How many cameras and where to put them? Which quality? You need a Megapixel?


Choose the most appropriate

Our staff is trained to listen to your needs, identify and suggest possible alternatives to formulate a budget, of course without any obligation on your part.


Try "live"

Try our demo video surveillance system
Via the Internet, directly from your PC (without installing anything), just a telephone appointment. Our operator will give you access to our demonstration video surveillance system and answer your questions.


Internal software development

N@Video is made by our company offering two advantages: we are responsible for our software by ensuring direct operation; We can easily build applications tailored to particular needs. For example: ad hoc functions, custom interface, site integration, etc.


Custom engineering

We can be your partner for the development of ad hoc solutions to your needs
For our customers we develop "tailor-made" aimed at solving specific problems of their areas. For example, in the open sea or surveillance systems for quality control in production lines with handling frames rate high.


Help desk

The service is available to all our customers for diagnostic assistance or intervention.
Through telephone, fax or email, the customer may contact technical support, technical dialogue, receiving information or forward requests for intervention. Assistance and interventions may take place remotely with terminal server or with one of our technicians.



N@Video software is guaranteed for 36 months, hardware/12 36 months (depending on the models).


Software update

The software is constantly updated and upgrades are available for upgrades from previous versions.


Expansion of the system

If over time your needs change, the system is modular and can be expanded at any time, even of a single camera.