Control and safety in the workplace


Through the access control systems, you can handle the inputs and outputs of a business or a home. The main sections of intervention include the recognition of people through the most advanced available technologies (biometric iris or retina reading, finding fingerprints or hand geometry and face or acquiring optical proximity sensing or badges), the automation of access gates and intrusion detection systems as volumetric and perimeter alarms.


In combination with or as an alternative to advanced systems is sometimes require the installation of volumetric alarm and anti-breakage. Volumetric alarms, as the term itself, are based on the detection of the local volume ranging to monitor when an individual enters the area of observation of this alarm detects a variation in volume and therefore gives an alarm signal. Piercing alarms are placed near doors and Windows, using optical magnetic contact or cell detection can detect unauthorized opening of the frames.


For managing vehicular access gates automation tool used is reading license plates, which integrated with the opening bars systems allows you to manage the gates even in the absence of personnel involved.



Biometric recognition systems rely on the detection of some distinctive features of the individual such as: reading of the iris or retinal, fingerprinting, hand or face geometry.


Perimeter control systems are aimed at creating a protection zone and prevent the passage and override a virtual perimeter can be defined by various tools such as: microwave barriers, laser barriers and intelligent video systems with cross line detection.


This technology allows you to manage staff inputs and outputs, allowing you to distinguish the accessible areas within the same venue, store data of various kinds on rfd tag until you use the access control system as a real roster.


For physical inhibition of unauthorized access is possible to install ordinary doors, sliding or if you’re using perimeter, turnstiles. Multicore Sistemi relies on products Paxton, industry leader specializing in advanced solutions for access control. Combining the characteristics of reliability and quality of the hardware to the Rival design experience, we produce effective access control solutions and reliability.