Directed in multiscreen

For efficient control and surveillance management, you can use multiple screens attached to the system. For example, you can dedicate:

  • a monitor to watching live together (quad)
  • a second monitor to the live vision single room
  • a third for map viewing
  • a fourth for alarms

The system administrator can decide with maximum freedom the placement on various screens and memorize it. Even in subsequent accesses will be exactly windows arranged according to the Director.

Then, for a user with a single screen, you can choose the direction with a single window in which you alternate all functions. The window will be positioned to maximize the area displayed.

If in a control room we have more screens, for example four, we can display on one screen a first set of quads, another on the second, on the third the alarms and live on the fourth registration and administrative functions.

Live images of the system can also be accessed with a Windows Mobile Handheld device. The device can be connected to the server via Wi-Fi or via Internet.



In case of alarm (on motion detection for example) is sent a video of the event that caused the alarm or, alternatively, a JPG image sequence as an e-mail attachment. The operator accesses live images via internet using the browser and Handheld connectivity (Gprs, Edge, Umts, Hsdpa).