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The listing specifically designed for the control and supervision of automatic teller machines (ATM).

The anti-vandalism protection designed for the camera which ensures adequate security installed hardware.

The main objective is to identify suspicious or fraudulent behavior by potential intruders approaching terminals. For its implementation, in addition to ATM profile, developed by the core of NeXT, which guarantees functionality levels so far inaccessible only with a camera, it was a vandalism protection designed for the camera, which ensures adequate security installed hardware.


NeXT atm box camera


Starting from a State of alarm not named in the system as «READY»NeXT ATM is capable of detecting the presence of a potential attacker with the aid of the integrated motion detection sensor, PIR, sensors, intelligent video analysis and/or cross line detection, and enable status «APPROCHING» . If the presence of the person extends beyond a preset limit, the system varies the State entering «WARNING» alerting using an audio clip, and a warning light, the malicious potential of detecting abnormal behavior. The continued presence of the person, without the normal process of inserting the Atm card/Atm has been concluded; the system enters the «ALARM» and sends the notification to the control center.

At each change of State you can enable local and remote custom notifications, start, start recording audio clips and contextual possibly send signals to other systems. Conversely, if the task of inserting the ATM card takes place within a defined period of time "invalid" the system changes its status by entering «ALLOWED» and activates a welcome message. Anytime the centralized remote control, alerted by automatic notifications, can access the live camera, see the records and take appropriate action. Similarly, e.g. turnstiles control access, you can configure NeXT to detect people with the PIR or motion detection and alarm if the schedule does not "pass" a valid badge.

Similarly, you can detect suspicious stays in front of the House or the door of their apartment if a time is not regularly open the door or the door or turns off the alarm system. NeXT can also be programmed to go into alarm and notify the presence of sounds with a noise level above a certain threshold, in the previous examples can notify, for example, requests for help ATM users attacked or noises coming from break-in attempts. Also, if it is obscured or tampered with the camera, NeXT the timely notification.

When NeXT ATM entry into a State of «WARNING» or «ALARM» can be sent alerts and notifications in various ways: enabling local sirens, lights, ignition, audioclip play email or report via Http or FTP to other systems. Profiles NeXT can be configured with a user interface built into the camera.

Thanks to it, we can expand and interact more basic camera. NeXT ATM, for example, comes with preconfigured States 6: «READY»,«APPROCHING», «WARNING», «ALARM», «LEAVING» and «ALLOWED», the logic of the change in status is described in the image.