NeXT ATM Box Camera

Next is a very innovative software solution. Is the first intelligent video surveillance, monitoring and deterrence installed directly on the cameras, which eliminates the needs specific software to manage that, constrain the use of server infrastructure. Using the complex algorithm that is at the heart of its operation NeXT takes advantage of the features found on the camera by expanding the capabilities and providing numerous additional options such as advanced management of events in order to identify suspicious behavior based on the concatenation of events.

Next is easily installed and configured for a range of uses thanks to customizable profiles that allow you to take appropriate actions, such as lights, acoustic or forwarding of alerts, against a particular behavior of the attacker. For example, access control can be configured to have specific answers on different scenarios as corporate offices, industrial complexes, condominiums, apartments and shops. The profiles are an important advantage for users because the surveillance system can evolve and change to meet the needs over time. Next has a simple interface and can easily integrate with third-party systems. NeXTATM Box Camera is specially designed for the control and supervision of automated teller machines (ATM, ATM). The main objective is to identify suspicious or fraudulent behavior by potential intruders that come close to the terminals. For its implementation, in addition to listing ATM, processed by the core of NeXT, which guarantees functionality levels so far inaccessible only with a camera, anti-vandalism protection has been designed for the camera which ensures adequate security installed hardware.