NeXT is an innovative software solution. Is the first intelligent video surveillance, monitoring and deterrence installed directly on the cameras that eliminates the needs of specific server infrastructure.

Next is a platform for implementing embedded software solutions (running on board room) for network cameras. The core module is Next that communicates with the various application modules, called application profiles (App).

Using the complex algorithm that is at the heart of its operation NeXT takes advantage of the features found on the camera by expanding the capabilities and providing many additional options, such as event management for identifying suspicious behavior based on the concatenation of events.

NeXT is easily installable and configurable for different uses thanks to customizable profiles that allow you to take appropriate actions, such as lights, or acoustic alarm relay, against a determined attacker's behavior. Access control, for example, can be configured to have specific answers on different scenarios as corporate offices, industrial complexes, condominiums, apartments and shops.


The application profiles of the Next platform, The Apps.

Apps can also be implemented using an algorithm available as basic library. The change from one State to another is caused by several events, such as the persistence of motion detection on the scene, the PIR sensor excitation, a threshold noise, digital i/o, a TCP connection.

At each state change default actions are carried out, such a bright spotlight, send an image via FTP, sending an email, logging, the generation of Visual communication in Overlay on video images, an alarm notification via TCP or HTTP with the consequent viewing the Live stream from the surveillance.

Application profiles are enriched every day to satisfy different functional requirements of users.
The profiles are an important advantage for users because the surveillance system can evolve and change to meet the requirements in time. NeXT has a very intuitive interface and can easily integrate with third-party systems.

The Next module performs the function of VMS (Video Management Software) offering Recording capabilities, Live stream and playback integrated with profiles.


The listing specifically designed for the control and supervision of automatic teller machines (ATM).

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Calendar e Privacy

To prevent access to the camera's live outside of time intervals allowed.

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To identify suspicious people stay in the lobby of a building or on a landing.

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Fail Over

To report the Down of video surveillance system or other computer systems.

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Black Out

To report a power outage.

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NeXT Lift

To report a person trapped in a cabin lift.

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