Notifications and alerts


The system alerts the operator and automatically sends a sequence of images relating to the pre and post event. The control panel is automatically brought to the foreground by reporting the incident by switching on a light and activation of an audible signal.

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The notification can be via SMS and email with attachment event movie streaming format compatible with PC, Smartphone or PDA.


It is possible to activate the alarm in silent mode, in this case do not display the pop-up alert and notification by mail but the alarms and recordings are functioning normally.


  • external sensors, even pre-existing (volumetric, perimeter, etc.)
  • existing alarm system
  • CCTV
  • motion detection is tracked by the room or by the server
  • event on the room, cut electricity cables, fall, etc.
  • tampering: blurred camera orientation change



  • lights
  • sirens
  • remote devices and circuits


What’s going on:

  • PRE and POST EVENT PICTURES: the system stores images that preceded and followed the event. The sequence of images is immediately available to the user and is stored in a selectable list by date/hour/minute.
  • ACCELERATED RECORDING: the system can also be programmed to speed up the registration in the face of an event, for example going from 1 f/sec at f/5 sec
  • Alarm NOTIFICATION to alert the operator on the control panel: the control panel is brought to the front by switching on a light and activation of an audible signal.
  • With a SIMPLE CLICK on the PANEL you can see the list of all the rooms in alarm, or, if you are concerned about a single Chamber, accessed directly.




  • AUTOMATIC POSITIONING to PRESET: pilot the camera preset positions of Pan, Tilt and ZOOM.
  • REMOTE OUTPUT: with the ON/OFF button of the remote output will activate remote devices such as lights, sirens, Gates etc.
  • AUTOMATIC OUTPUT: when an alarm can be triggered an automatic output (eg. illumination of a light for 30 seconds).
  • STORE an EVENT/alarm: alarms are stored on disk in a circular region of customizable sizes that can accommodate the images of the event for several months.
  • PRINT an EVENT/alarm: with a click on any of the images you enter the print page with: the header of the company code and name camcorder, event time, operator name, image number, notes.
  • EXPORT an EVENT/alarm: each image is exportable on your PC in its original format jpg