N@Video and Scout Camera: Mobile monitoring

As so often, are the needs of clients to develop technology solutions: we listen carefully and try to give timely responses and technologically advanced.

Several customers, both public administrations that private companies, we have expressed the need to monitor external areas with video cameras, discreetly to document Acts of burglary and vandalism occurring in places where it is not available nor electricity nor communication lines.

One thinks, for example, public gardens, wooded areas, peripheral roads, where are downloaded illegally or vandalism are perpetuated. Or large industrial areas can stay intruders and vagabonds.

Rival Software created the solution for video surveillance in these two areas, integrating its products: the VMS software N@videos and Scout rooms.

The Scout Camera you install in minutes with ease without having to predict power or communication lines. Are supplied with a lithium battery that has an autonomy of several months. Thanks to the infra-red sensors enable recording on your SD card only in the presence of motion and send the images of the event to the central server N@Video.

The reporting is timely and features Video’s, images can be automatically forwarded by email to security personnel who can evaluate whether to intervene immediately, or review the archives stored sequences N@Video in deferred time.

Another advantage when installing Scouting Camera is to mobility; in fact you can move as needed from one location to another, or for special events, such as fairs, demonstrations, strikes,

Obviously all features by N@Video, active video recording, whether monitoring on any other networkcamere complement the features and advantages of the solution.