With the experience gained through years of research and development, we have provided three product lines: N@VideoNeXT and Gates


The "active" video surveillance system doesn’t just see and record what happens, but is able to send the user notifications alert to report abnormal situations, warning or danger occurring in areas controlled.

The control work is simplified by facilitating the detection of risk situations and making immediately operational the intervention. The "active” functions are multiples and alerting the user on the PC, but also via email, smartphone or handheld.
For example by reporting the presence of people, noting unusual noises (burglary), and warning if a camera has been obscured, a door is opened, etc.

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NeXT is an extremely innovative software solution. It’s the first intelligent video surveillance, monitoring and deterrence installed directly on the cameras, which eliminates the need for specific software management that constrain the use of server infrastructure.

Rival’s NeXT is a platform for the implementation of embedded software solutions. NeXT is the core module that communicates with the various application modules, called Application Profiles (App).

Using a complex algorithm that is at the heart of its operation NeXT is able to take advantage of the features found on the camera by expanding capabilities and providing many additional options, such as the advanced management of events for identification of suspicious behavior based on chain of events .

NeXT it’s easily installed and configured for a range of uses thanks to customizable profiles that allow you to take appropriate actions, such as light signals, acoustic or forwarding reports, against a certain behavior of the potential intruder. Access control, for example, can be configured to have specific answers on different scenarios such as corporate offices, industrial complexes, condominiums, apartments, shops.

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Software for the management of the openings through automatic number plate recognition.

It can be used in all access regulated by mechanical barriers or with free entry for example: parking, limited traffic areas, campgrounds, dumps, loading/unloading, etc.

It allows to identify the license plates of all European countries and to manage the opening with a list of authorized plates (white list). Stores it in a database every event, complete with license plate and the image of the car.

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Digital Scouting Camera

La soluzione Digital Scouting Camera di Rival è un sistema di ripresa diurno/notturno ideato per operare in condizioni disagiate e a bassa urbanizzazione.

Grazie al gruppo batterie al Litio da 2000mAh (sostituibili in loco, senza bisogno di smontare l’intero gruppo camera dal punto di installazione) è in grado di funzionare per lunghi periodi di tempo senza alcun tipo di manutenzione, il pannello solare accessorio, con la sua batteria aggiuntiva consente alla DSC di raggiungere operatività teoricamente illimitate.

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Video surveillance cameras

Rival can offer their customers not only software and customized products for the video surveillance, but also products of companies that offer, internationally, the largest and most varied range of high quality network cameras on the market today.

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Access management

In addition to our software applications for controlling physical access of people or vehicles, we can offer our customers the best products on the international market on which we perform customizations on request.

The physical access control systems are composed of hardware and software components. As hardware, we can offer terminal monolithic or modular elements consist of controllers and peripheral devices.

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