The Security and Privacy Management

The experience gained by Rival allows systems integration in video surveillance, with significant benefit to privacy, and the rules that govern the workplace.

How can our effective and timely surveillance systems and at the same time respect the privacy of workers?

For example: at a warehouse in a commercial company can often take place product theft. The company fails to identify those responsible, and you cannot activate a video surveillance system because privacy laws don’t allow you to install cameras that reflect the workplace.

The solution that we propose in this case to our customers is based on active RFID technology integration and the surveillance system N Video, thanks to which enables the recordings only when a non-clerk enters the warehouse and scene of the intruder’s entry is brought immediately to the attention of security officers.

This will make the employee’s privacy and the latter is also responsible on its work; in fact, in the absence of recordings of intrusion activities, responsibility for what happens is completely against him.

Also in this case the system compels the employees to take responsibility, while a generic surveillance leaves ample room for irresponsibility, making the system less effective.

The system components mentioned in our example are: