Video surveillance and access control systems

The value of Rival’s offer of products and services is multiplied and amplified by our experiences and skills acquired over the years regarding the integration of the various components of video surveillance with the management and access control.
By combining the capabilities of these two systems are increasing the benefits both to optimize monitoring, increasing the level of safety and be effective in deterrence.
In fact, as you can imagine, to have efficient monitoring is necessary to bring to the attention of audit staff only suspicious scenes, instead of displaying the many scenes, such as the noise of a door permanently closed.
In this case, for example, our systems carry out the door scene only if there was an unauthorized entry.

Authorization, depending on the context, can be done through different devices: Rfid Badges, remote controls, electronic locks, biometric, scanner, smart phone APP on keypads.

Security officers can devote its attention only to the relevant scenes and be held accountable for their actions after due consideration, contrary to what happens when identifying a suspect is left to the discretion of the controller.

The range of products Rival multiplies the benefits of effective and intelligent video surveillance through the integration of our products for access control.


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