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NetBox 2.0
NetBox is a compact device that connects to the Internet with many connections for the transmission of alarm signals (GPIO - general-purpose input/output) and the streaming of IP cameras.
The technology sector is one of the M2M (Machine to Machine) or, if you prefer, IOT (Internet of Things). The communication with the user is done remotely via the Internet or with fixed connections with both 3G wireless connections via secure VPN.

The proposed uses are those of security, remote monitoring and surveillance, especially in cases where you do not have a wired connection or you want to have a line of communication alternative. NetBox3G fact, if properly configured, ensures monitoring even if attackers have tampered power lines or communication lines ADSL or fiber. When you have a fixed line NetBox3G can be programmed to take over as 3G wireless backup when the main line is out of order for a power failure, breakdowns, or tampering.

NetBox3G locally communicates with various devices using both the IP protocol, via LAN or Wi-Fi or through a connection with the electrical signals in voltage input and output. It can therefore be a component of systems very simple or complex. The event signal can be that of a seismic sensor that reveals the forcing of a door, or, again as an example, that of a more sophisticated system that, through the interview between its components, determines the state of alarm or Warning.
But, to be concrete, let's see some examples below.

NetBox3G expands functionality of alarm systems already installed making it remotely accessible images of an IP camera, and send notifications via email / SMS. More in detail, in the face of an intrusion detected by the alarm system NetBox3G send the images taken by the camera of seconds preceding and following the event. The user can then check the Internet remotely what really happened avoiding wasted time caused by false alarms, or allowing you to promptly take appropriate action to deal with the event. In the absence of alarm unit, you can be connected directly to NetBox3G of the sensors, for example: volumetric, perimeter, temperature and seismic, taking advantage of the same functions just described.

Supervision and monitoring of machines, such as vending machines, production machines, refrigerators. The device being monitored tells NetBox3G their status both via voltage signals either via IP protocol. Depending on the technology of the apparatus can be monitored actively, the presence of electrical energy, the correct operation, the indoor and outdoor temperature.

Video surveillance system for offices or homes, with cameras connected to NetBox3G wired or wireless. Solution particularly effective and resilient to detect tampering to the installations, intrusion, dimming of cameras even in the absence of internet line and electricity.

Automated supervision (watchdog) information systems for reporting on remote servers or malfunctioning of lines of communication, remote maintenance systems, on / off of servers or devices.

NetBox3G, being compatible with the software platform Next, it expands the range of configurations, allowing you to also use all those cameras that do not host embedded software.


Wireless 3.5 G
Ethernet port for connecting IP cameras, access lines ADSL and Fiber;
Integrated VPN; 4 digital signal inputs, 4 digital outputs (expandable);
Access Point Wi-Fi;

NetBox3G è a standalone device with a Linux operating system, can host software components specifically for integration with other systems, such as, for example, cash machines, ATM machines, industrial production equipment in shelters, cooling systems.
Compact system, of immediate installation
Accessible and programmable via browser from Windows PC, Mac, Smartphone and Tablet.

Internet connection 3G UMTS / GPRS
Integrated HUAWEI MU609
Quad Band HSPA
UMTS (850MHz, 900MHz, 1900MHz and 2100MHz) GSM / GPRS (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz)
Sending and receiving SMS
Compatible with all IP cameras, connected both WLAN (Wi-Fi), both in LAN.
Compatible with all signals in voltage or dry contact control units or sensors